Change Status Inside Country

Since March 2020 Oman is closed for visa change. Only the one option to change your current visa status… It is change status inside country option.

Change status inside country for 90+10 days will cost – 1,600 aed Only.

Individuals looking for job opportunities or maybe planning to stay with families for a little bit longer period of stay or people who are already holding 30&90 days tourist &visit visa and planning to change their visa to a new tourist or visit visa on same day and without exiting to their home country can use our Visa Change Package.

UAE visit visa holders need to exit the UAE in order to renew the visa status and again come back to UAE. The cheapest way to change your visa status is to exit to any UAE neighboring country, such as: Muscat, Bahrain and Kuwait and back to UAE on same flight without any hassle.

This is the perfect and easiest way to renew your old visit visa and get new visit visa.

Extension of YOUR CURRENT VISA IS AVAILABLE only for those who changed their status inside country. In this case we can extend your current visas 2 times only. First time for 30 days and second time for 20 days only.

Duration Price in Dirham Price in USD
90 Days AED 1600 USD 435

Documents required for visa opening:

In accordance with Immigration Service Requirements in the UAE, you have to provide the following:

    1. Scanned Passport Copy no larger than 200 KB of each page in the format of JPG (valid minimum for 6 month) and your current visa copy.
    1. Passport Size Photograph with white background preferred no larger than 40 KB in JPG format.
    1. Visa fee.
  1. A clear copy of the guarantor’s passport and the UAE residence visa copy with minimum of three months validity are required.

Special notes:

  1. Guarantor is fully responsible in case of any violation of the terms and conditions, such as: visa rejection, overstays or passenger absconding. All fines will be paid by Guarantor!!!
  2. Rejection visa fee is non-refundable!!!
  3. Overstaying the visa validity will invite heavy fines and penalty!!!
  4. Issuance and approval of visas are solely regulated by Immigration and governed by its rules and regulations.
  5. The visa processing time is approximately 1 to 2 working days, depends on processing timeframes and the volume of applications in Immigration System.


  1. Visa change passengers do not have to pay cash deposit at the airport.
  2. No need to exit to your home country.
  3. Easy and fastest processing, same day visa processing.
  4. Visa change passengers do not have to wait 2 – 3 days inside the airport or in hotels outside UAE expecting their new visa.
  5. Two Way Return Ticket.
  6. Dubai Visa (30&90 Days).

If you are planning to change your visa status, please contact us by phone or by email and our visa department will be happy to support and assist you with UAE Visa Change Package. Citylifetravels providing normal Visa Change Package from Sharjah International Airport Only!!! Let us know your preferred date of travel or visa expiry date and we will assist you with the best option for your Visa Change Package. We advise you to change your visa status at least 2-3 days before your current visa expiry date. Visa Change Package available in our company from Sunday till Wednesday Only!!!

Airport Visa Change Packages Details:

For your Visa Change Package, we will book the return tickets to any neighboring country. The passengers will be boarding in Sharjah International Airport and flying to one of the neighboring country and will be sitting in the same flight which will come back to Sharjah International Airport, in the same day.

Pls check-in at least 3 hours before your flight. First, you have to go to Hala Service Counter in order to get stamp on your ticket – Visa Change, Ok to Accept Pax. (It will take time!!!) You will pay 50 aed for this service and then you have to proceed to Check-in counter. Online Check-in non-acceptable!!! Then you will proceed to passport and security check counter. On passport counter, you will get an exit stamp in your passport (pls send us the exit stamp copy). Once immigration system will be updated, we will apply for your new visa.

When you came back to Sharjah International Airport you will wait for your visa approval inside the airport or you can stay in the hotel. Once visa received, you have to go to Hala Service Counter and print out your visa page. Pls keep your boarding pass, Hala Service will ask you to present it!!! You will pay 100 aed for this service. Then you can go to eye scan and passport control counter.

In order to apply for a Visa Change Package and submit all necessary documents, you have to provide 100% an advance payment — by credit card or money transfer to our company account or one of your friends/relative can pay visa fee at our office.