90 days visa with Covid Insurance

Individuals looking for a job opportunities or maybe tourist that are looking for medical aid or planning to stay with families for a little bit longer period of stay can use this type of visa. In this case, 90 days visa is a good option that can meet your requirements. You can get your UAE 90 days visa with Covid Insurance within 1 to 2 working days.

Duration Price in Dirham Price in USD
90 Days AED 950 USD 260

Documents required for visa opening:

    1. Scanned Passport Copy no larger than 200 KB of each page in the format of JPG (valid minimum for 6 month).
    1. Passport Size Photograph with white background preferred no larger than 40 KB in JPG format.
    1. Visa fee.
  1. A clear copy of the guarantor’s passport and the UAE residence visa copy with minimum of three months validity are required.

Special notes:

  1. The 90 days visa cannot be extended furthermore. If you are planning for a longer stay then it will be better to apply for  a multiple visit visa.
  2. Guarantor’s passport is not applicable in case the visitor does not have a guarantor in the UAE.

How to check the UAE visa status:

You can check your ready UAE visa status at the UAE Immigration web site:


Select Service To Inquire:

Entered No: Enter 8-digit visa number (under photo – ENTRY PERMIT NO xxxxxxx / 2017/201)

First Name in English:

Gender: Male or Female

Date of Birth:


Next enter… the code of the digits from the picture and press the Submit button…and then you will be able to see your passport data. It means that your visa is stored in the UAE Immigration system and you can free enter the country.

It will be interesting and useful for you to know

If you are skilled and independent tourist and you book your hotel, tour and ticket independently without mediation of tour operators — directly or through a booking system, it will be interesting to  know that in our company in most cases, you can book a room in the selected hotel for the same price or less than hotel offers. Sometimes, during a booking process through hotel official web site or booking system, travellers can face with an unpleasant surprise and not all tourists are aware of it — when you book your hotel it is not always included your buffet breakfast, as well as it is not always possible to see taxes – 2 times in 10%, in Dubai. Staff members of our company are constantly faced with such cases, when a tourist is trying to obtain for visa in the United Arab Emirates independently — through the booked hotel or airline systems and is trapped. Asking our staff for assistance, we always trying to warn you of the most common errors and you will be ALWAYS insured from such unexpected issues. We want to warn all tourists that are trying to book the hotel, ticket, tour or obtain for a visa on their own risk (through hotels and airlines web sites, visa centers) — that in case of any problems, it will be difficult to solve them as these organisations prefer not to be engaged in complicated cases and it is easier for them to deny your visa request and do not refund your money without any explanation than to email you a long correspondence. The only correct decision in such situation will be to ask for assistance of qualified help experts.