30 days visa with Covid Insurance

30 days Tourist visa is the best option if you intend to spend your holidays or vacations in the UAE within 30 days. You can get your UAE 30 days visa with Covid Insurance within 1 to 2 working days.

Duration Price in Dirham Price in USD
30 days AED 450 USD 125 

Documents required for visa opening:

    1. Scanned Passport Copy no larger than 200 KB of each page in the format of JPG (valid minimum for 6 month).
    1. Passport Size Photograph with white background preferred no larger than 40 KB in JPG format.
    1. Visa fee.
  1. A clear copy of the guarantor’s passport and the UAE residence visa copy with minimum of three months validity are required.

Special notes:

  1. 30  days visa is non extendable.
  2. Guarantor’s passport is not applicable in case the visitor does not have a guarantor in the UAE.

UAE Visa for children.

The requirements for UAE visa for a child with own passport is the same as for an adult. Children do not have discounts on visa to the UAE.

UAE visa for a children (below 14 years) pasted in the passport of one of parents is free. A child fits into the visa of the parent. UAE visa for a minor children (below 18 years) include the following provisions:

    • The minor (below 18 years) is allowed to enter the country if he/she is accompanied at least by one of parents (with the same surname) or the third party (the grandmother, the grandfather) also with the same surname.
    • If the children and parents have different surnames but he/she is entered in the passport to one of parents, it is allowed, and the child can travel accompanied by adults.
    • If the child already has own international passport and in the passport the surname differs from a surname of the accompanying parent, it is necessary to provide the birth certificate in English and to certify it by notary. This document also has to be provided to the UAE Immigration in order to get visa.
  • For a child with own passport, the list of documents is the same. For a child pasted in the international passport of one of the parents, it is required only the scanned copy of that passport page parent in which it is entered.