Theme & Water Parks

Enjoy the thrill of jumping into the water park in the Middle East. Experience adrenaline pumping watersides that catapult you through shark filled lagoons, scream through the planet’s largest slide or race down the world’s first dual slide within a slide. Fly high on the longest zip line circuit in the Middle East or just relax on the private beach surrounded by lush tropical landscapes. So, if you want to visit and relax in one of these water and thematic entertaining parks, centers, dolphinarium and aquarium, we will be happy to assist you and arrange the tour to one of these thematic parks.

Dreamland Water Park

vhDreamland – is an aqua park with active entertainments. Pamper your feelings in the warm water and fresh you up in the company of friends during the family rest. Tropical atmosphere will not leave indifferent neither young nor adult. A huge water park, where can enjoy adults and children located in Um Al Quwain. Uncountable set of water slides and attractions, swimming pool with artificial waves and also numerous bars and restaurants located on the territory of park will make this travel interesting as for adults and for the smallest one. There are a lot of shady and cozy places for picnic in the territory of park. Here is an open-air theater, where the best foreign and Russian artist is will show their programs. The park is located near the newly opened shooting club where you can check your skills on original weapon. Dreamland Aqua Park, one of the best aqua parks of this region, where you can enjoy the civilized rest with well-trained personnel, availability of cafes and gift shop nearby.

Ice Land Water Park

koIt is a new large-scale complex in addition to an aqua park, which includes the park with entertainments for children and adults, it is a unique water park with extensive theme in snow & ice offering, a mix of traditional water park attractions, as well as non-conventional & novel water park attractions. One of the main attractions of the park has become the Penguin Falls. It is considered to be the biggest in the world artificial waterfalls – its height is 36,5 m and the width is 33м. Ice Land, is a beautiful-decorated, colossal water playground with a massive amount of slides and attractions, swimming pools  and food court area.

Wild Wadi Water Park

DSCN0918If someone was already bath in the salty waters of the Persian Gulf and looks for an alternative rest option on water, the best choice is an aqua park – Wild Wadi. Artificial waves, surfing (speed of a current water 60-80km/h), tropical heavy rain, waterfalls, black hole, kamikaze hill – a free fall from a height of 15 meters. Aqua Park consisting of rocky designs and drowning in the tropical greens, reminds deep drive Wadi (beds of the dried rivers) and the breathtaking spirit of the mountain peaks of Hajar. Wild Wadi is the most spectacular water park where everyone can drive mad a maximum of adrenaline and entertainments. There are 23 attractions and many other entertainments for those who like adventures of all ages. This park is located between the hotels of Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab that offer families an endless pleasure, where you can enjoy over 30 rides and attractions from kids friendly slides and surfing experiences to the 33-metre high Jumeirah or you can find many indelible gift shops including Souk Al Wadi, Shabandar’s Souk, and Shabandar’s Souvenirs.

Atlantis Aqua venture Water Park  

jkWorld of Water – one of 5 whales where is located Atlantis The Palm. 17 hectares occupies an Aquaventure aqua park, which is joining to Atlantis The Palm and in the center of which is famous Ziggurat. It is 30-meter height construction in Mesopotamian style, which is fantastically able to catapult swimmers. The cool water skis and climbing, two-kilometer of “lazy” river with waves more than a meter in height and the whole collection of pools – all this makes Aquaventure unsurpassed adventure for all family.

In addition, there is a waterside in an aqua park, part of the route, which lies inside Ambassador Lagoons – exciting oceanarium occupied various sea inhabitants (more than 65 thousand including sharks and stingrays). Also there is an own dolphinarium Dolphin Bay in the aqua park, where you can achieve children’s dream — to fool about and swim for a while with dolphins.

Yas Waterworld Water Park

oiUAE’s First Mega Waterpark – unforgettable water adventure for all! Yas Waterworld offers 45 rides, slides and attractions, five one-of-a-kind rides that have never been seen before in a waterpark, a unique pearl diving experience that showcases traditional Emirati pearl diving culture, and an Interactive Treasure Hunt game that will awaken the hero in you. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi’s theme is based on a legend that represents local Emirati culture and heritage. Visitors will be able to enjoy attractions that follow the adventures of the waterpark’s, main character is Dana – a young Emirati girl in search of a legendary pearl that brought prosperity to her village. Building on the legend, the park will have a unique pearl diving attraction that showcases the role pearl diving played in the UAE’s rich history. Further thrills are available at the 550 meter Bandit Bomber slide which comes complete with lasers, water guns and special effects. Spread over 15 hectares, the waterpark will feature a thrilling range of 45 rides, slides and attractions, including the world’s first and largest hydro magnetic waterslide.  Yas Waterworld is the biggest waterpark in the capital and is the first “green” certified waterpark, where friends and families can enjoy a range of thrilling rides. With so much to do one visit will not be enough!

Wonderland Amusement Park

trWonderlandis an oasis of fun designed for kids of all ages that offer the possibility to enjoy more than 30 rides and attraction, along a world-class water park over 22 acres. The little ones will love the kids’ activities, which include racing slides, water rides & water guns, laser-tag, paintball, go-karts, bumper cars, it’s a place, where you can relax and enjoy meter high waves of Flood River and long, lazy river of Wonder Land. Wonderland Park includes both the Wonderland Theme Park and Splash land, where the main focus directed at family fun and will  satisfy everyone. The park is divided into three segments that include the Water Park, the wonderland park in Dubai and the Arcade Section along with games and juvenile rides for the smaller crowd. The park offers 6 restaurants stocked with variety of treats including an ice cream parlor. They also include camel rides and a 3D theatre, where you get to experience monsters breathing and crawling at your feet.

Theme Park Ferrari World

Picture Parents 064Theme Park Ferrari World – is the largest indoor and first  theme park located under the roof in the Middle East, on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, where more than 20 attractions for children and adults, including the world’s fastest hill with a speed of 220 km/h., 18 cinemas, numerous restaurants and luxury shops, a roller coasters, a theater, 3D shows, a carousel, and an area especially for the little ones to play safely in. You can purchase souvenirs and merchandise at the gift shops. The Ferrari World covers an area of 86000 meter square. Another attraction in the park will be a unique driving school of Ferrari. Using the latest models of simulators, you can feel yourself of racing driver of Formula1. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed both small and adults! Ferrari World is a car lover’s dream world!

Wadi in the UAE

weThe United Arab Emirates does not have any permanent rivers, but does have wadis, a permanently or intermittently dry riverbed. Wadi (Arabic: وادي) is the local term for a valley or riverbed. Wadis are usually dry, many wadis have permanent pools in the upper reaches, fed by seeping ground water throughout the year. Historically, wadis were used as routes through the rugged Hajar Mountains, the name given to the Semail Ophiolite on the eastern coastal region of the Saudi Peninsula. The Semail Ophiolite, considered to be the largest, best preserved and most spectacular example of an oceanic lithosphere, was formed during the Cretaceous period, approximately 94 million years ago, is approximately 800 km long, up to 150 km wide and covers an area of approximately 10,000 km². An ophiolite is, geologically, an area of the seabed – oceanic crust and underlying earth’s mantle – that has been forced to the surface as a result of a volcanic event usually associated with plate tectonics (continental drift). Wadis were and still are, important resources from a water source and agriculture point of view. Its popularity means that much of the terrain is fairly well trodden, but some parts of nearby Wadi Ray are rough and rugged, and could be a challenge for amateur off-roaders. The pool remains popular with picnickers and the place can get packed on weekends. For a cleaner dip, try Shuwayyah Pool.

Hatta is the UAE’s most popular spot for wadi driving. The rocky crevices, natural water pools and palm oases make for an atmospheric drive and make it a good choice for a day trip or an overnight stay. Stop off for a picnic and a plunge at Hatta Pools, visit the Heritage Village, spend the night at Hatta Fort Hotel or pitch a tent under the stars. It’s a peaceful spot to fire up a barbecue and watch as the highly-mineralized rocks take on a pinkish hue. Take your kids for a thrilling drive and have an off-road adventure in the famous Hatta Pools.

Dubai Miracle Garden

hjDubai Miracle Garden – is the world’s biggest natural flower garden. More than 45 million blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes and structures, and eye catching color combinations achieved through the different flower varieties and color. It showcases specially designed vertical and horizontal landscaping features. Growing rapidly in the world depending on natural resources, environment with optimum temperature, which inspires people from different ages. Miracle Garden is one of a kind in the region and in the world for such a unique display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination. Some flowers planted here have never been planted in the Gulf region before. Miracle Garden is a creation of new tourism activity in the environmental tourism field. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by some of the floral arrangements on display here. There are numerous grand displays towering high that showcase captivating colorful arrays, while other weird designs on cars are probably overdone to draw reactions rather than impress. Visitors will get an eyeful of colors they did not imagine existed in flowers, it is an amusing and lovely venue with thousands of different flowers and art made of flowers. It’s a perfect place to take photos or photo shoots, everyone must see when visiting Dubai.

Rest on the beach in the UAE

PLYAZHThe most popular, from the point of view of tourists, those who are ready spent the whole day on sun & beach or under water, they prefer Dubai and Sharjah. Those hotels, that are located along the coastline, have an excellent own beaches with white sand. For those who stopped in the city hotels also can enjoy of municipal beaches or the paid one, which equipped accordingly to the highest category.