City tours

We consider, as the most important task for us is an individual approach to each of our guest. We are trying to establish for you the most interesting and informative programs during your stay in the United Arab Emirates. The program consists of overview tours or city tours for all seven Emirates where you will be able to visit the most important sights of the country: the various entertaining excursions and traditional trips to the desert, to the mountains or on coast of the Indian Ocean. We will take you through only the best places of the United Arab Emirates that you are fully able to enjoy the views of this amazing country.

The United Arab Emirates one of those countries in which fall in love once and forever, the country unique in many aspects. You will like it for sure; it is unlike all other countries, including the neighbouring Arab countries. Each year the flow of tourists to the Emirates grows, and it doesn’t matter that the country is very expensive, visa requirements are so complicated, a horrible heat on streets, especially in the summer. But if you have never been in the UAE, at least once you have to do it in order to see the fairy tale in the desert. The United Arab Emirates consists of seven Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaim, Fujairah and each of these Emirates has own Sheikh, the country has been united in a single federal Emirate 40 years ago. The capital of the United Arab Emirates and the business Center is Abu Dhabi – one of the most beautiful and green Emirates. Everyone who has visited at least once this country, it is striking, a huge number of parks and gardens. Ultra-modern skyscrapers in combination with oriental flair, wonderful light fountains, and a magnificent Sheikh Palace – everything strikes with the magnificence.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

abudabiAbu Dhabi City Tour shows all the highlights of the city, the key attractions, from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the Emirates Palace Hotel, Corniche and Marina Area. Our route will continue with a visit to a fish market at Mina Zayed Road, where you will be able to examine with tradition and the history of fishing in the UAE. Further, we will take a short review of Abu Dhabi Cornish and we will make the memorable photos in the most beautiful and magnificent places at the background of breakwater and enjoy an amazing and breathtaking view of Abu Dhabi. After that, we will go to one of the historical heritage are of Abu Dhabi – Fort Al Hosn, being a former of  Sheikh residence. The next place of visit of our excursion will be ethnographic Heritage Village, recreating Renaissance or the traditional life of Emirates. You will be able to sample Abu Dhabi’s unique blend of culture and fine traditional arts and crafts in the oriental markets and handicrafts centre. Enter a world where Islamic designs and elements feature on modern architecture, blending the new with ancient traditions of the East and the West. Before returning to the hotel you will visit the Sheikh Palace an artificial dam with rest area, you will visit the biggest Middle East stadium also you will pass to the petroleum exhibition. In the evening, you will enjoy a dinner in one of the best restaurants and shisha in antique fortress-café.

Modern Dubai

1Dubai became one of main transfer hubs in the world, the well-known international airport is located here and connecting Europe with Asia and Africa. But most of tourists are not just passing through, but purposefully – some tourists have been attracted by the most luxurious hotels in the world with magnificent beaches and dazzling white sand, for someone a main goal is shopping, the largest shopping centers are located here where the prices is lower than in Europe, but anyway, no one will pass by modern architecture of Dubai, visually showing how it is possible to construct “a little paradise” in the middle of the waterless desert.

Dubai City Tour

Dubai is a modern city, with numerous skyscrapers and highly developed infrastructure, combining the rich historical heritage of the modern style of living. The architecture of modern buildings impress with unique technology of town planning and urban development. The highest skyscrapers, the most luxurious hotels, artificial islands in the Jumeirah area and the most well known in the world shopping centers are concentrated here. If the purpose of your travel is not only rest, but also shopping — there is no better place than Dubai. This Emirate is the world famous center of trade. Here to you will be offered the goods from all over the world. You can purchase a gold jewellery for yourself and your relatives in the huge gold market which is located in the heart of Dubai and known around the world, especially its low prices on gold. Such a wealth selection and low prices you will not find anywhere else. You will visit the huge silk market and the market of east spices. For new impressions, you can replace beaches and shops with snow and mountains… There is own indoor ski complex in Dubai which can accept at the same time up to 1,5 thousand fans of winter sports.

During excursion you will see an Islamic art gallery, a historical museum and zoological park. You will see the biggest mosque of the Dubai City – Jumeirah; this is a good example of Islamic architecture. Especially, the mosque is beautiful in the evening once illumination is turned on. The fine impression will remain and from the gulf walk on the water taxi, which will take you to the center where a lot of markets and the huge number of trade centers with covered parking area for cars and playgrounds for children are located. For those who plan not only to have a rest but also to make any purchases, the best place you will never find! Also during excursion you will see the camel races.

Night Dubai has its own life. Numerous of smart restaurants, night bars and discos are open for you till morning. Here, everyone can choose that he/she wants. You will take pictures at Burj Al Arab hotel, you will see “the eighth wonder of the world” an artificial island “Palm Jumeirah” where you will have an opportunity to take pictures opposite well-known hotel “Atlantis”. Then, you will visit the modern Dubai Marina area; you will see a tremendous aquarium in the biggest shopping center – Dubai Mall. At the end of the trip you will see the “dancing fountains” at the base of the biggest building in the world – Burj Khalifa.


Sharjah – the most law-abiding from the point of view of the Koran Emirate. Dry law here is strict and rubber, the alcohol is not only forbidden to sell but also simply for storage. Many Russians-non-drinkers like it — quite a good guarantee you will not see cheerful compatriots, bathing at night in the decorative pool. There are very good beaches especially for a small children in Sharjah.

Sharjah City Tour

2The third largest Emirate drew its unrepeatable, unique and purely eastern architecture. From a magnificent cultural Square you will pass to the Sheikh’s palace, former residence of the ruling family originally built in 1820, then continue to the Heritage Museum and proceed to wander through the adjacent souk “Al Arsa”. You will be able to enjoy by the Arab boat on the picturesque gulf. You will visit one of the biggest King Faisal Mosque in the Middle East; you will see a Pearl monument, which is a symbol of UAE federation. Before returning to your hotel, you have time to stroll and shop at souk “Al Markazi”, a treasure trove of carpets, jewelry and handicrafts. Don’t forget to pick up a unique souvenir of your trip to the Middle East while you are here!


Ajman – is the smallest city of all Emirates and is centrally located on the western coast of the UAE. This city is the nice place to spend time in: the warm sun, white sandy beaches and clear waters. Ajman is the great city for shopping; it creates a more intimate feel than many of the large bustling cities.

Ajman City Tour

3Ajman has some interesting attractions and site for tourist. Ajman Museum – this is the eighteen century fort located in the heart of the city. Here, we come to know about the ancient aircrafts and old weapons once used in the battle. You can see different artifacts and reconstruction of traditional life. The museum is located near many restaurants and the coast and there is number of excellent hotels. Next stop is – Fish market, where you can see the catch of the day, and then we can make pictures of Ajman beach and Ajman Gold souk.

Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain means “Mother of two powers,” referring to the tradition of seafaring among tribes in the Emirate and stretches from the beautiful, lush green coastal mangroves lining the shores of the Persian Gulf, inland across the rolling sand dunes to the fertile oasis surrounding Falaj Al Moalla. Umm Al Quwain was formed in 1775 when Sheikh Majid Al Mualla established Umm Al Quwain as an independent sheikhdom. It has a sandy island with dense mangrove thickets; the islands are separated from one another by narrow creeks. Umm Al Quwain – is the fastest growing spot for extreme sports. It has lot of sightseeing places.

Umm Al Quwain City Tour

4Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) – is the best place in the world for people who enjoy sounds of waves and peace. Sailing in the calm water of lagoon offers best and most interesting sailing in the Northern Emirates. UAQ is ideal for water-skiing, kayaking, wind-surfing and jet-skiing. The adventurous visitors could actually sail and canoe through the clear, calm waters to deserted islands and explore the mangrove swamps, wherein dwells several seabirds, insects and fish. There are also pink flamingos, turtles, crabs and jumping fish in the natural environment. During our excursion program we will also visit such places as: Bird watching where bird watchers can enjoy wonderful wildlife at Khor al Beidah and other popular sights lying to south and east of the town. Shallow lagoons and mud flats get together to combine and create the perfect habitats for feeding and nesting for several species of heron and plover, apart from flamingos, gulls and terns. Very interesting and popular places to visit in UAQ are: Dhow building, Camel racing, fishing, falconry. The craftsmen continue to build traditional boats in the dhow building yard. Shahin or peregrine falcons can be seen in the region, apart from the Al Hur light-skinned hunting hawk. We will continue our trip to the UAQ Museum, it is a renovated ancient fort used to guard entrance to the old town. The museum houses several artifacts found near archeological sites. Then we will visit the UAQ Islands. They lie to the east of mainland peninsula on a unique stretch of coastline comprising sandy islands surrounded by thick mangrove forests separated by series of creeks. The largest among seven islands is Al Sinniyah, followed by Jazirat Al Ghallah and Al Keabe, all visible from old towns. In between these, there are the coastal plains and smaller islands of Al Qaram, Al Sow, Al Harmala and Al Chewria. The Madaar Creek running between the islands offer a navigable waterway for fisherman even at low tide when average depth is less than few feet.

Al Ain

Al Ain – is an oasis surprising on beauty in the desert locating in the environment golden crimson sandy dunes and unique landscape. It also called “garden city,” it is approximately in one and a half hour from Dubai. The vegetation covers all downtown. Al Ain is the homeland of the first president of the country – Sheikh Zayed and the fourth city in the United Arab Emirates. In the ancient times, Al Ain was used as a small stop on a caravan track from UAE to Oman. Twenty years ago, Al Ain represented a group of six small villages located among trees and mineral sources of a natural oasis. The traces of the most ancient civilization are preserved today in the environment of wonderful botanical garden. It is in 180 km from Dubai, at Al Hafeet Mountain bottom.

Al Ain City Tour

8The excursion route will pass through the greenery and sights of the Garden City of Al Ain. On this full-day tour, you will see the University of Al Ain, the first university in the country, further through a museum of Al Ain with ethnographical and archaeological collections. You will visit the well-known zoo where 1500 animal species from all over the world are presented. Having passed on the huge territory on steam-engine train, you will see elephants and giraffes, gazelles and peacocks. Discover history of the city from our guide, and see its Bronze Age relics, at the Hili Archaeological Park, then visit Al Jahili Fort, one of the UAE’s most historic buildings. Explore this beautiful, crenellated fort, built in 1891, and discover its historic role of guarding Al Ain’s oasis. After a lunch you will visit Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum, the former residence of the UAE’s late founder, His Highness Sheikh Zayed, two museums and falaj (irrigation channels) that weave between the palm trees. These over-ground channels flow with water from boreholes and are based on a system that has been used in Arabia for thousands for years. Cool your feet in the hot springs beneath Jebel Hafeet Mountain where you can enjoy scenic views of the Hajar Mountains on the UAE-Oman border and then finish with a visit to the traditional exotic camel, fruit and vegetables market where locals bring their camels, goat and sheep to sell. Afterward, travel back Dubai and finish your tour with a hotel drop-off.


Fujairah – the unique Emirate where there is one man-made violent vegetation. Emirate is protected from the desert by a mountain chain and gets out on the Arabian Sea, actually to the – Indian Ocean. There absolutely other climate, there are rivers and natural vegetation, there are mountains and as opposed to the Gulf beaches, opportunities for a magnificent and interesting diving, which is the best one than in any of the Emirates going out to the Gulf.

 Fujairah City Tour

6Fujairah – is blessed with unspoilt natural beauty. It’s a charming city set among endless vistas of canyons, dry river beds or wadis, and ancient camel tracks. Free from the pressures of modern city living, Fujairah is the kind of place that makes people to come back because it’s a hidden treasure places that waiting to be discovered. Our city tour is a full-day tour, which takes you to the northern Emirates, passing by Dibba, Kalba and Sharjah. We will visit the Dhaid and Masafi, the small oasis towns and the agricultural area growing citrus fruits, mangoes, strawberries and variety of vegetables, Fujairah Museum, the historic Fujairah Heritage Village and Fujairah Fort. After having refreshing soft drinks we will visit the Khorfakkan, which is situated at the foothills of the Khorfakkan Mountains. In Khorfakkan, we relax after a sumptuous lunch and enjoy optional facilities of fishing, water sports, such as: snorkeling, wind surfing & water skiing, rowing, cycling and even camel riding at the beach, everything can be arranged on prior request. We will stay in the hotel on the ocean coast where you will be able to swim for a while in the Indian Ocean and to have a look at the wonderful and mysterious underwater world. We suggest you to take a swimwear in order not to miss an opportunity to swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. On the way back, we will visit the Al Badiyah Mosque, the oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates, and the famous roadside Masafi Market, also known as the “Friday Market” where you can browse its traditional handcrafted rugs, pottery, antiques and souvenirs.

6 Emirates in one day

Use the opportunity to visit 6 Emirates from 7 in one day. In the beginning of our trip you will start from Sharjah – the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. Then, from Abu Dhabi you can go to an oasis Al Ain and to stay in the most magnificent in the world desert hotel Lodge, to visit the hot springs, “Grand Canyon” in Ras Al Khaimah. You will visit places of excavation of archaeological, prehistoric settlements in Umm Al Quwain, the ancient sheikh palace in Ajman, which is an Eastern museum. At the end of our program you will visit the coast of Indian Ocean in Fujairah where you will have an opportunity to swim in the ocean. Our city tours will allow you to spend your time with advantage in the open air but also to see the Emirates from absolutely other side or even from height of bird’s flight. The excursions in the Emirates are not monotony and boring, in one day you can visit many interesting places and enjoy your time during our excursions program. Our aim is to give you the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your life in the UAE. Rest in the Emirates especially in comparison with the Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco is very expensive. But even the simplest three-stars hotels did not disappointing you, no one would say that the trip to the UAE is discarding or thrown out money. A big plus of the rest in the UAE is that, the best time which tourist spent on the beach is in the European inter-season period, spring to autumn, when swimming season is already (or still) impossible and mountain skiing has not yet begun (or already ended).