The most important factor in developing our services is market needs. An integrated approach of our company to the organisation of trip, allows us to do our customers rest complete of unforgettable and pleasant impressions. It is our competitive advantages that differs our company from other travel agencies. Our travellers will be able to select areas of interest based on their preferences and subsequently identify destinations to visit. Sometimes, travel arrangement can be a very messy stuff and Citylifetravels, can help you organise your trip, take care of all your business and travel arrangements or create a customised vacation experiences and lifetime memories for travellers who not only want to see the world but to experience it without going through a lot of headaches preparing for it.

In our company, you can order a ready-made tourist packages, you can book your hotel worldwide and inside the UAE, get an insurance as well as book and buy tickets to all destinations. We try to offer such kind of services that allow us to be in demand by our customers and client’s needs. We offer tour packages for special interest groups and individuals that relate to different age groups and it will give our customers the better impressions and pleasure. We are ready to provide our support, assistance and our unique services designed to suit specific travel needs include but not limited:

  • Provide travel information to clients regarding destinations, transportation and accommodation options and travel costs, recommend suitable products
  • Plan and organise vacation travel for individuals or groups
  • Arrange transportation and accommodation reservations using computerised reservation and ticketing system
  • Sell single fare tickets and package tours to clients (Local and International airlines/flights)
  • Promote particular destinations, tour packages and other travel services
  • Investigate new travel destinations, Hotels/Resorts/Apartments/Villas and other facilities
  • Provide general information regarding foreign currency, customs, languages and travel safety
  • Provide visa assistance and consultations to: Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Ukraine
  • Meet and Greet Assistance
  • Airport Transfers
  • Organise cruise Booking, Dhow/Yacht and Aqua ventures
  • Provide travel tips regarding tourist attractions, tours and activities such as: Sightseeing Tours, Holidays, Safaris, Adventure Trips, Water Sports and Golfing.

One of our aims is to become a destination management company that brings the real magnificence of the country to the traveler. In order to reach this aim, meet and satisfy all needs of our customers, ensuring their quality and comfort, we have to get full information about traveler’s entire experience from hotels, tours, excursions, shopping, greeting and tour packages. This is basic and principle work of our company.