Q.Is UAE visa stamped in the passport?

UAE visa will be issued electronically and saved in computer system. Therefore, you need to take a print out of the electronic visa confirmation sent to you by email. Upon arrival to the UAE, you must proceed to eye scan desk before proceeding to immigration desk.

Q.Can I travel if my passport is expiring soon?

Many countries have specific requirements for passport validity and often require passports to be valid significantly longer than the length of your trip – this can vary depending on your country of origin, as well as other factors. Please check the passport and visa requirements in advance for all countries you’ll be visiting during your journey and make sure your passport has appropriate validity to cover your whole trip.

Q.What is the minimum validity period that I need to have in my passport?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months in order to travel in and out of the country.

Q.I have a dual citizenship and more than one passport. How should I respond, when asked for my nationality or country?

If you carry more than one valid passport, you must use the only one, you intend to carry during your business trip.

Q.Can a passenger travel to the UAE by one-way airline ticket?

One of the conditions of the Entry Visa to the UAE is to have a return ticket or at least a ticket, which shows that he/she is continuing the travel to an onward destination.

Q.Can I enter the UAE with my grandchildren?

Yes, you can but with written approval from a parent or guardian.

Q.Can I enter the UAE with my stepchildren without their biological parent?

Yes, you can but with written proof of parental responsibility.