About UAE

United Arab Emirates was established as a nation on 2nd of December 1971. When the British announced their intention to withdraw from the region, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and first president of the UAE, successfully negotiated agreements between the Emirates that now make up the nation.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations for business and leisure visitors. This is hardly surprising since geographically, economically and culturally, it is in a unique strategic position between East and West. White sand, sun, turquoise seas, shopping, De Lux hotels and resorts, excellent restaurants have helped to attract many tourists over the years. Huge investment has taken place in tourism infrastructure and the world’s entire top hotel brands are represented here. High-end resorts have proliferated and premium tourist and entertainment facilities are widespread.

The country also continues to attract millions to major exhibitions at its many world-class exhibition centers, and feted sporting events in horse racing, golf, tennis and Formula 1, amongst others, bring many visitors to its shores. Some of the top names in the entertainment industry stage concerts and shows here, music and art festivals are regularly held, and cultural tourism is promoted.

Improvements in public transport, including a new metro and tramline in Dubai, have helped enormously with getting around the UAE’s cities. But visitors are also venturing much further afield, discovering the delights of the country’s varied landscape and distinct natural beauty and visiting its spectacular deserts, rugged mountains and mangrove-fringed islands.